Quotes from: Leo Tolstoy


He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking


Everything comes in time to him who knows how to wait


One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken


Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced


People jump back and forth in pursuit of pleasures only because they see the emptiness of their lives more clearly than they do the emptiness of whichever new entertainment attracts them


A person who has spoiled his stomach will criticize his meal saying that the food is bad; the same thing happens with people who are not satisfied with their lives


Very often, all the activity of the human mind is directed not in revealing the truth, but in hiding the truth


True life is lived when tiny changes occur


And all people live, Not by reason of any care they have for themselves, But by the love for them that is in other people


People involve themselves in countless activities which they consider to be important, but they forget about one activity which is more important and necessary than any other, and which includes all other things: the improvement of their soul